Thumbprint terminals for tracking attendance are great. Secure and Trustworthy.


What if there is an easier solution that adds flexibility and at a lower cost?

Introducing HereNow. This is a smartphone based app that allows employees to clock in and clock out using a QR code.

HereNow allows for an almost infinite number of QR codes to be created. Each QR code is associated with a GPS location.

A QR code can be assigned to anything. Many clients prefer the front entrance of the office. However others prefer assigning a QR code to a machine or room enabling better visibility for actual work start and end.

One of our clients does regular scheduled maintenance. They have increased productivity by 12 hours per week per employee by enabling work start and stop directly at client site, rather than having their employees waste time coming to the office, simply to clock in and out. A win-win situation where everyone is happy.

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The Benefits

qr code
Export Attendance
auto detect
no limits
location enable

Your Data : Realtime that enables and enhances business efficiency was the driver for the set-up of Empowered Data. All of our products and solutions are built with these two principles in mind for our clients: It should either make more money or reduce operational cost. In business nothing else matters.

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