SPOT provides realtime visibility of guard tours. As simple as that.

It allows for peace of mind for users of security services such as housing estates and commercial who can get to see the patrols are actually happening.

With SPOT, when the guard taps in at the RFID touchpoint, the information is uploaded online and the information is available realtime. It sure beats having to wait to the end of the shift (wand system) or month (key system) to see if the patrol was performed. The guard tour reports can viewed online, downloaded on demand or sent to an app.

Touchpoints can be easily named so if “the touchpoint behind the door on West Wing Level 2 Main Entrance” is what you want to know, thats what you can put in.

Naturally with everything stored online, it enables enhanced features such as time based alerting. If a touchpoint has not been reached within a certain time then an alert can be sent to the supervisor handphone, or group. From there normal operational procedure can be used for enforcement of guard duty.

SPOT doesn’t just have to be used for security. One of our clients uses the value added real time reporting feature to check when their service staff are on site. This makes operational management easier. When clients call enquiring on what time the service technician will arrive at the next job, a simple check of the report indicates last location and therefore next availability. Much better than having to call the technician – less time wasted all round.

Another great thing about SPOT is that it is really easy to use. Typically it takes less than 30 minutes for your team to become familar with the web interface and terminal. For guards and service teams it takes only a few minutes.

We reckon this is SPOT on!

The Benefits

real time
accurate time
instant reports
location enable

Your Data : Realtime that enables and enhances business efficiency was the driver for the set-up of Empowered Data. All of our products and solutions are built with these two principles in mind for our clients: It should either make more money or reduce operational cost. In business nothing else matters.

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